Microblading eyebrows models required !!!

Imagine waking up with amazing eyebrows on and never bother spending time on putting it on!

A microblading is used to create fine hair strokes. Natural perfect eyebrows will be created. Great for people who have lost eyebrows hair due to over plucking or somebody who wants to change there shape to there brows.

Microblading is manual method of depositing a small amount of ink in the outer layer of the skin without reaching dermis. The needle used is 3 times thinner than the one used in machine, which allows to create very fine, crisp hair strokes.

More Natural than Semi Permanent make up

My name is Indre. I am a certified, licensed and insured Microblading Specialist with an eye for details :) My aim is to give you amazing brows and ensure that you are happy.

I choose eyebrow shape, colour and intensity according and preferences of the client. Topical anaesthetic used to minimize any discomfort.

Please feel free message me or call for any more information. I am based in Romford.

My phone number is 07398131235


  • Microblading - £250
  • 3D Hair- strokes Brows - £200
  • Ombre Brows - £270


  • Eyelash Enhancement (upper or lower) - £200
  • Eyelash Enhancement (upper & lower) - £350
  • Eyeliner (upper or lower) - £249
  • Eyeliner (upper & lower) - £350


  • Lip Contour - £250
  • Lip Contour with blush - £300
  • Full Lip Colour - £350

Beauty Spot

  • £80

Colour Boost

  • 3-6 mths - £100
  • 6- 12 mths - £130
  • 12- 18 mths - £180